X-Ray Tomography

RX Solutions EasyTom




  • LaB6 cathode (20-100kV)
  • Tungsten Filament
  • High voltage (Tube current W) 20-160 kV
  • Maximum tube power 0-200µA
  • Maximum X-ray emission angle 140°
  • 3 filters: Al (81,2mm), stainless steel (0,5mm) and Cu (0,4mm)

Key features:

  • Resolution down to 0.4 µm
  • Large inspection volume with multiple axes (ø 320 mm x 530 mm) height with 9 mechanical axes
  • First-class mechanics for long-term stability
  • Multiple micro focus tube configurations up to 230 kV
  • granite table on antivibration air pods



Investigation of internal and external structures, such as defects, cracks and further inhomogeneities by obtaining a 3D reconstruction of the samples

Comparison with CAD-models / simulations

  • Materials science and civil engineering
  • Electronics (flat assemblies)
  • Machine components, e.g. die casting
  • Ceramic industry
  • Bio- and medical technology
  • Archaeological finds and art objects