Scanning Electron Microscope

Jeol JSM-7200F




  • HT: 0.1 ÷ 30 kV
  • Max. beam current > 600 nA
  • Resolution: 1 nm@30 kV, 1.6 nm@1 kV
  • Detectors: SE, BSE, In-lens SE and BSE
  • Analytical detectors:
    – WDX: Oxford INCAWave 500
    – EDX: Oxford AZtecEnergy X-MaxN 80mm2 – SDD
    – EBSD/TKD: Oxford AZtecSymmetry CMOS detector

Key features:

  • In-lens Schottky FEG
    (combines el. gun with condenser, producing large probe current)
  • Through-the-lens detectors with energy filter
  • Aberration correction lens (ACL)
    (automatically optimizes both small probe current spot size for high resolution imaging and spot shape for high beam current, high resolution microanalysis)
  • A beam deceleration mode
    (suppress charging on nonconductive specimens)
  • Field free objective lens
    (magnetic samples can be analyzed without restriction)
  • Airlock
  • In-column Faraday cage
  • Stage Navigation System
  • Wide range specimen holders, including 4 ” wafer sample holder


  • Imaging (GB’s, interfaces, plastically deformed zones, phases, precipitates, some of planar defects)
  • Spectroscopy: EDX, WDX (chemical element identification, mapping, quantification):
  • Diffraction (EBSD, TKD: grain analysis, phase identification and mapping, texture assessment, strain maps)